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Fairclough and Partners are NCDV approved and registered.

The National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV) provides a free, fast emergency service to survivors of domestic violence regardless of their financial circumstances, race, gender or sexual orientation.

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All our people have undergone CRB checking.


Our services are available throughout the UK and internationally through our network of proven Agents.

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Due Diligence, Means and Lifestyle Reporting

The golden rule – ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’

At Fairclough & Partners, we offer a range of due diligence financial and personal investigation services.

Vetting or researching potential employees, suppliers or business associates may give you the competitive advantage when and if necessary. We may be able to provide you with information to confirm your suspicions, corroborate or refute information you already have, or provide you new enlightening information.

Our experienced investigation officers have the technology, resource and contacts to make an independent assessment of the financial position of a company or individual to assist our clients in highlighting areas of potential risk or for future business.

We are experienced in conducting due diligence enquiries concerning new venture start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, investments, securities and bridging loans.

We can also help assess a debtor’s ability to repay to help determine the next most appropriate course of action.

Our services include:

  • Visual Reports
  • Lifestyle Reports
  • Employment Verification
  • Part or Full Means Reports

We are happy to use either our comprehensive pro-formas or a client’s documentation.